Hosts: Jon Kallis, Josh De Lioncourt, Katy Haile, Martin Penny, Leanne Hannah

James Eatock joins us to talk about the Return of Faker and the Faking Filmation documentary.

Faking Filmation is a documentary that explores the depths of fandom, intellectual property and the dangerous intersection between them while tracing the origin and evolution of cartoons, the history of Filmation and one man’s mission to create the ultimate love letter to the creators of his favorite cartoon show.

Four years ago, James decided he was going to fulfill his dreams and create an unofficial He-Man cartoon that, ideally, would seamlessly fit into the heralded Filmation version of the famed character. The look, the sounds, the voices, the music – It was all going to be like the Filmation series. After 3.5 years of hard work with a handful of collaborators all volunteering their efforts because they shared the same passion as James, the cartoon was completed and ready to showcase at Power-Con – and then came the legal warnings from NBC/Universal, the rights holder for He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

Find out all about James’ journey in making the Return of Faker and how the Faking Filmation documentary is coming to be.