Image of hosts

The hosts…

Jon Kallis – “TheShadow” – Release Date: 1982.
Katy Cartee Haile – “Rainbow Brite” – Release Date: 1979.
Martin Penny – “Wacky Martin” – Release Date: 1987.
Josh de Lioncourt – “Lioncourt” – Release Date: 1978.
Leanne Hannah – “StratosMacca” – Release Date: 1980.

Guest host…

James Eatock
Special thanks also goes out to Justin “Count Marzo” Zmuda

The story…

Masters Cast, the first He-Man and She-Ra podcast, is a monthly Internet radio show that focuses on the highly popular Mattel action figure properties Masters of the Universe and Princess of Power. Regular hosts include fans Jon Kallis, Josh de Lioncourt, and Katy Cartee Haile – all who have been active in the online Masters of the Universe and Princess of Power online fan community for almost 20+ years . As we entered 2007, Martin Penny was added to our regular lineup. Other fans are also encouraged to call in and participate in the show.

The podcast was created by Jon Kallis and Josh de Lioncourt in September of 2005. Once Katy Cartee was onboard, Masters Cast ran its first broadcast that focused on the history of Masters of the Universe on October 16, 2005. We are still broadcasting as of January 2016 – celebrating over 10 years of Masters Cast!

Masters Cast has interviewed key players who created and worked on various aspects of Masters of the Universe and She-Ra including Filmation co-founder and executive producer Lou Scheimer, singer and voice actress Erika Scheimer, staff writer and She-Ra creator Larry DiTillio, and New Adventures of He-Man co-creator and head writer Jack Olesker. Lou Scheimer even provides an introduction for many Masters Cast episodes in his King Randor voice. We were lucky enough to also score introductions from the wonderful voice actors Cam Clarke and Brian Dobson from the 2002 Mike Young He-Man animated series.


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