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About Masters Cast

Masters Cast is the first ever podcast dedicated to all things He-Man and She-Ra. Hosted by die-hard Masters of the Universe and Princess of Power fans, we have been recording since 2005. That’s over 15 years of content from a group of life-long friends: Jon Kallis (TheShadow), Katy Haile (Rainbow Brite), Martin Penny (Wacky Martin), Leanne Hannah (StratosMacca), and Josh de Lioncourt (Lioncourt). Our nicknames are still included as a nod to the original Guardians of Grayskull mailing list from the mid-1990s!

Always remember that Masters Casts’ opinions are our own! We are an unofficial, fan podcast and do not reflect the views or opinions of Mattel, DreamWorks, or any other parent company or employee of those entities. We are purely here for fandom, chat, and entertainment.


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