Masters Cast: The First He-Man and She-Ra Podcast


Masters Cast

Podcasting the fandoms of
He-Man She-Ra MOTU SPOP Masters of the Universe MOTU Origins MOTU Revelation Princess of Power Grayskull


Hosted by:
Jon Kallis, Katy Cartee Haile, Martin Penny,
Leanne Hannah, and Josh De Lioncourt

Masters Cast: The First He-Man and She-Ra Podcast has been recording for over 15 years. Since 2005, this group of fans have dedicated themselves to talking about all things Masters of the Universe and Princess of Power. Newly covered topics include Netflix's Masters of the Universe Revelation and DreamWorks She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. Neither Skeletor nor Hordak will stop us from having the power and honor of Grayskull in our hearts!

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