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Sadly, due to an extremely busy schedule I had last week, episode 18 was delayed. However, it is all now edited and ready to go. Be prepared as we delve into the 2002 Mike Young Productions cartoon for He-Man and the Masters of the Universe that had a brief, yet memorable 39 episode run on […]

Lurking from under the depths of Snake Mountain is a special mini cast! We were so excited over the releases of the pictures of the Leech and Webstor stactions that we just had to talk about them. Head over to to check out all the pictures in their glory. Direct Download: Mini Cast #2 […]

We are back! Yes, yes I know — you went a month without Masters Cast! 🙁 I apologize. I hope you enjoy this episode though. I think you will. You know why? Because I know you love to hear about such things as The Stone in the Sword. Direct Download: Episode 013 (mp3) Topics Tonight: […]

Here we are, once again! Direct Download: Episode 010 (mp3) Topics: 2005 wrap-up Looking forward to 2006 Looking forward to a new live action movie He-Man comes to Boomerang USA Filmation DVDs overseas We want more Four Horsemen stactions! Running time: 0:32:57 Subscribe to our podcast for free via iTunes: