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San Diego Comic Con 2012 wrap-up and special guest Daniel Benedict, creator of “Castle Grayskull Man”. Direct Download:¬†Episode 46 Duration: 0:59:07

We talk all about He-Man and She-Ra at the San Diego Comic Con 2011. Direct Download: Episode 40 (mp3) Duration: 1:14:12

SDCC San Diego Comic Con 2009 Edition — A look at the exclusive Masters of the Universe art book, Princess Adora becomes the first She-Ra Princess of Power action figure to hit the Masters of the Universe Classics (MOTUC), and Unemployed Skeletor freezes He-Ro. Direct Download: Episode 35 (mp3) Duration: 1:11:48

Episode 35: Download (mp3) Topic: San Diego Comic Con SDCC 2009 Duration: 1:11:48

SDCC 2008, MOTU 1987 Movie Soundtrack,, MOTUC, MOTU new movie news. Direct Download: Episode 32 (mp3) Duration: 1:01:53

Masters Cast traveled to the International Comic Con 2006 in sunny San Diego last week. BCI Eclipse was there to promote the all new best of She-Ra DVD release and Masters Cast was right in the middle of the action. Our special edition podcast this week contains a recap of all of the happenings of […]

Happy Easter from Masters Cast! Listen to us debate about this years exclusives for San Diego Comic Con SDCC and Wizard World Chicago! Then, join others in complaining when we start to talk about Friends, Saved by the Bell, and Dark Shadows for some odd reason. Then, as we jump back on topic, we just […]