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I was unable to participate in the latest Masters Cast episode, therefore I am writing an article to voice my opinions. Most collectors of the MOTU Classics line seem to think that POP is being adequately represented in the line. I disagree and here’s why: Number of Episodes: MOTU – 130 POP – 93 NA […]

She-Ra is now completely available on DVD! Please join Jon, Martin, James, and special guest Alex Hawkey as we review the final She-Ra Princess of Power DVD release: Season Two! Not only is Alex one of the biggest and most knowledgable She-Ra fans around, he also had the opportunity to work on the She-Ra DVDs […]

This episode focuses on the She-Ra Princess of Power: Season One Volume One DVD that hits stores Tuesday, November 7, 2006 and contains the first 32 episodes of She-Ra, brand new box art, two new art cards, the She-Ra series bible, a documentary feature, and two commentary tracks that feature the likes of Larry DiTillio […]

Special News Alert — Mini Cast #1 is on the air! We just had to get together to record a special podcast after the announcement that was made this week in the Masters of the Universe community. Where darkness rules, fights the champion of light! Direct Download: Mini Cast #1 Note: The mini cast was […]