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THE LOST EPISODE #1 Masters Cast is the first He-Man and She-Ra podcast. We talk Masters of the Universe and Princess of Power until we drop dead from excitement! Masters Cast is back with a special treat! From deep within our vaults we have retrieved a lost episode! Join Jon, Katy, and Martin as they […]

The power of DVDs were with He-Man and She-Ra this day! Please join Jon, Katy, James, and Martin as we review the two new DVD sets: She-Ra Princess of Power Season One, Volume Two and The New Adventures of He-Man Volume Two. This She-Ra set completes the entire first season of She-Ra, and this NA […]

The power of the Good and the way of the Magic returns! Masters Cast has scored an exclusive live interview with the New Adventures of He-Man’s co-creator and head writer Jack Olesker. Jack has been involved with so many shows in children’s entertainment including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the Popples, and Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers […]

By the power of Eternia! This episode focuses on the New Adventures of He-Man Volume One DVD that hit stores Tuesday, December 26, 2006 and contains the first 33 episodes of the Jetlag produced He-Man spin-off from 1989. The set from BCI Eclipse features: brand new box art, two new art cards (one New Adventures […]

He-Man and She-Ra have some of the best music ever made in television. Join us this week as we discuss all the various aspects of music in Masters of the Universe! Direct Download: Episode 006 (mp3) Topics New Adventures fan reactions Editing flub fixed Christmas Special is coming out The music of He-Man and She-Ra […]

By the power of… Eternia!? Hop on to Starship Eternia with us and journey to the planet of Primus. Watch out though, for Flogg and his Mutants are running around! That is right! This week’s episode focused on the New Adventures of He-Man. Direct Download: Episode 005 (mp3) Topics The New Adventures of He-Man A […]