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Topics of power: Off, yet on topic, with Indiana Jones and Star Trek Filmation characters we want to see Poll Matty Collector Subscriptions and what to improve in 2014 Excitement for the ongoing comic series Direct Download: Episode 52 Duration: 1:22:00

Did you know that Jon and Katy sang a remake of the iconic He-Man & She-Ra: Secret of the Sword theme song “I Have The Power” with Josh on the ivories? Martin supervised. Fans are never afraid to embarrass themselves and embrace their fandom! You got to hear the remake at the end of one of […]

Jon attends the opening of the Lou Scheimer Gallery at the Toonseum in Pittsburgh, PA. Direct Download: Episode 42 (mp3) Duration: 0:45:31 Video of the ceremony:

On a warm afternoon in September, 1983, a healthy and happy kindergarten boy sat down in front of a little color television set to watch the day’s episode of Super Friends. The TV was tuned to KCOP, an independent station that broadcast to the greater Los Angeles area on channel 13. Much to his surprise, […]

SDCC reveals in more depth The Unofficial Guide to He-Man and the Masters of the Universe The passing of the voice of Hordak Filmation MOTU/POP head to iTunes She-Ra 25th anniversary DVD’s/figures press release Just released/upcoming figures The POP / NA Ratio in MOTUC debate Direct Download: Episode 38 (mp3) Duration: 1:11:00

Masters of the Universe fans were first introduced to George DiCenzo in the Filmation episodes “The Sleepers Awaken” and “Eye of the Beholder”. While he is uncredited for his work in these episodes, he provided the voices for Lord Tyrin and Garth before going on for what we most remember him by: his voice work […]

Happy Anniversary to Masters Cast – the first He-Man and She-Ra Podcast! We have been “on the air” for one year! Josh, Katy, and I want to extend our thanks to everyone who has supported us. Episode 22 goes back to our old-school roots by looking in to the parallels between He-Man and She-Ra. Both […]

That’s right, we’ve hit number twenty one! Please go out and celebrate He-Man style with some Kool Aid! This episode focuses on the newly released He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Season Two Volume Two. All 130 episodes of Filmation’s classic He-Man animated series are now available on DVD. We analyze the box art, art […]

Masters Cast traveled to the International Comic Con 2006 in sunny San Diego last week. BCI Eclipse was there to promote the all new best of She-Ra DVD release and Masters Cast was right in the middle of the action. Our special edition podcast this week contains a recap of all of the happenings of […]

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, season two volume one now in stores! Want to hear what we have to think about the DVD set and the first 33 episodes of season two? Of course you do. Episode 17 is on the air! Direct Download: Episode 017 (mp3) Topics: Sword of Power vs Sword […]

Finally. Phew. All of the editing has been done. This podcast was actually recorded over several sessions since the news broke about the Secret of the Sword returning to theaters. Direct Download: Episode 015 (mp3) Topics: She-Ra best of DVD episode selections Secret of the Sword vs The Sword of She-Ra DVD Cover art Trap […]

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Season One Volume Two has been released on to DVD! Pick it up today! And then, listen to our review which is contained in Episode 12! Watch out Dree-Elle… you aren’t the only one singing. Direct Download: Episode 012 (mp3) Running time: 0:56:51 Subscribe to our podcast for […]

Here we are, once again! Direct Download: Episode 010 (mp3) Topics: 2005 wrap-up Looking forward to 2006 Looking forward to a new live action movie He-Man comes to Boomerang USA Filmation DVDs overseas We want more Four Horsemen stactions! Running time: 0:32:57 Subscribe to our podcast for free via iTunes:

By the power of the holidays! He-Man and She-Ra: A Christmas Special is now on DVD. This podcast contains our review of the special itself, plus… the art cards, documentaries, and the featurette of the “I Have the Power” music video. Then, hear some new Earth children sing along to Bow’s Christmas song. Uh oh! […]

Episode II is on the air! We promise it is more fun than “Attack of the Clones”. Direct Download: Episode 002 (mp3) Topics Viewer voice mails Last episode roundup Review of the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Season 1 Vol 1 DVD DVD Review Part 1: The packaging with tubular neon green DVD […]