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Yes, celebrate — Masters Cast is back from vacation! Wow, we have already hit 20 episodes. We want to again thank all of the fans who continue to download and support this podcast. We read every single email and listen to every single voice mail. This episode of Masters Cast visits Wizard World Chicago 2006 […]

Finally. Phew. All of the editing has been done. This podcast was actually recorded over several sessions since the news broke about the Secret of the Sword returning to theaters. Direct Download: Episode 015 (mp3) Topics: She-Ra best of DVD episode selections Secret of the Sword vs The Sword of She-Ra DVD Cover art Trap […]

When He-man returned… we had opinions. Direct Download: Episode 011 (mp3) Topics: Check out our interview at Voice Mails 200X Action Figure Line He-Man’s New Symbol New Power Sword Running time: 1:19:41 Subscribe to our podcast for free via iTunes: Special thanks to JohnnyC for the voice mail introduction!

Episode II is on the air! We promise it is more fun than “Attack of the Clones”. Direct Download: Episode 002 (mp3) Topics Viewer voice mails Last episode roundup Review of the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Season 1 Vol 1 DVD DVD Review Part 1: The packaging with tubular neon green DVD […]