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Matty Collector – Masters of the Universe Classics October 15, 2010 Roboto Zodac (Re-Release) The He-Man releases always go on sale at noon eastern time. If you have a Club Eternia subscription, you will automatically receive Roboto as part of your subscription. MOTU Classics @ posted a few new tidbits of Masters of the Universe Classics news on its Facebook page. On the bright side, Battle Armor Skeletor, while not quite final, is nearly complete, and will be released with purple feet, as many fans requested. This gives him a look closer to the vintage toy. Although it was […]

Hi everyone! You may notice that everything looks a bit different over here now. In anticipation of our five year anniversary, we have revamped our website. In addition to the podcast, we have decided to branch out slightly to include writings on He-Man and She-Ra. Fan opinion articles if you will. Make sure to check […]

The folks at Masters Cast would like to wish Chris Vint and his Masters of the Universe Chronicles podcast a very happy 1st birthday. Chris has always been a friend to Masters Cast and we’ve enjoyed such interviews he has conducted with the likes of Larry DiTillio and Robert Lamb. Keep up the good work!

Masters Cast is giving away a prize pack that includes the She-Ra: Season 1, Volume 2 DVD, a Masters Cast wristband, and a copy of cereal:geek magazine that features She-Ra on the cover. Make sure to enter the giveaway today! And, keep checking back to the website as Episode #26 will be appearing shortly with […]

Due to technical difficulties the latest episode has been delayed. I am trying my best to have it up this week, so please check back daily. In the meantime, we would like to thank everyone who entered the contest to win a free copy of She-Ra Season 1 Volume 1 on DVD and a Masters […]

Starting in 2006, we will now move to a two episode per month format. That means that we will basically have a new episode every two weeks. We would also like to wish all of our listeners a very safe and happy new year. Thank you for continually supporting Masters Cast, we appreciate it! See […]