She-Ra transforming (c) Netflix

In 2018 an expansion of the official Masters of the Universe character guide book was planned to include new additions from the DreamWorks and Netflix series She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. Due to “SPOP” receiving it’s own character guide from Scholastic Publishing instead, the entries were removed from the other expansion.

Below are the original, unedited write-ups for the proposed additions before the project was scapped.

1. Characters


Special Abilities: Connection to the First Ones

Affiliations: The Horde, Rebellion, Princess Alliance 

Weaponry: Sword of Protection

Shadow Weaver found an orphaned Adora as a baby and inducted her into the Horde.  Originally just a cadet in the army, she was promoted to the rank of Force Captain at the recommendation of Hordak.  Shortly after this, Adora left the Fright Zone with her best friend, cadet Catra, and ended up crash-landing her skiff in the Whispering Woods.  There, she came in contact with the Sword of Protection which forged a connection between herself and Light Hope.  Through telepathy, Light Hope engaged with Adora to get her to interact with the sword.  When asked to fight for the honor of Grayskull, Adora transformed into She-Ra for the first time.  It was explained that this was Adora’s destiny, to be the first She-Ra within a thousand years.  Adora quickly learned of the vicious attacks the Horde made on Etheria’s people from her new friends Bow and Glimmer and defected to join the Rebellion. She revealed her true identity to Queen Angella, by presenting the Sword of Protection. Angella accepted Adora’s new allegiance to the Rebellion as She-Ra, Princess of Power.  Even when not in the form of She-Ra, Adora can read the ancient language of the First Ones and use the powers of the Sword of Protection. 


Special Abilities: Archery, Weapons and technology

Affiliations: Rebellion

Weaponry: Bow, Trick arrows, Tracker Pad, Battle armor

Bow was a master archer and . Trusting and loyal, Bow often went out of his way to help others, even enemies like Adora when she was captured. 


Castaspella, the sister of Micha and Aunt to Glimmer, was head sorceress of Mysticor. She participated in the monthly ceremonies, using the Lunar Lenses to continue to keep Mysticor hidden from view. As a hobby, she enjoyed knitting, such as sweaters and socks.  


Special Abilities: Catlike instincts, strength and agility

Affiliations: The Horde

Weaponry: stun baton, claws


Special Abilities: Tech genius, inventor

Affiliations: Rebellion, The Horde

Weaponry: Prehensile hair, Emily

First Ones

Special Abilities: Technology

The First Ones were explorers from beyond the stars who originally settled the planet Etheria. They infused technology with Etheria, merging technology and science, causing balance to be in place with a special alignment of the planet’s runestones that controlled the elements.  The First Ones embodied the Sword of Protection with a powerful runestone that would produce Etheria’s protector, She-Ra, and created the planet’s facilitator, Light Hope, to guide each She-Ra on their journey. Their ancient language can be seen written on many artifacts throughout Etheria. 


Special Abilities: Ice and snow powers

Affiliations: Rebellion

Weaponry: Fractal Flake Runestone 


Other Names: Shimmer, Twinkle, Glitter

Special Abilities: Teleportation, energy blasts, sparkles

Affiliations: Rebellion, Princess Alliance 

Weaponry: Michah’s staff, battle armor, Moonstone Runestone 


Affiliations: The Horde


Special Abilities: Technological mind

Affiliations: The Horde

Weaponry: First Ones tech-powered armor


Affiliations: The Horde

Light Hope

Special Abilities: Holograms, digital projections, knowledge

Light Hope, created by the First Ones, was Etheria’s facilitator and could choose any form to present herself as. Serving as an oracle of knowledge for She-Ra, she watched Adora grow up from afar but could not reach her or protect her from the Horde until Adora forged a connection with the Sword of Protection. Light Hope resided in the Crystal Castle. 


Affiliations: The Horde

Madam Razz

Special Abilities: Magic

Weaponry: Broom


Weaponry: Sword of Protection

Mara was the last She-Ra before Adora. The power that came with being She-Ra was too much for Mara and she became compromised. Her desperate actions nearly destroyed the planet, causing Etheria to become stranded in the empty dimension of Despondos. With this action, Mara broke the She-Ra line. 


Special Abilities: Magic

Affiliations: Rebellion

Weaponry: Staff

Micha was the husband of Queen Angella, father to Glimmer, and brother of Castaspella.  He was the first casualty in the rebellion against the Horde. 


Special Abilities: Controls water, legs transform into mermaid fin

Affiliations: Rebellion, Princess Alliance 

Weaponry: Trident, Pearl Runestone 


Special Abilities: Energy nets

Affiliations: Rebellion 


Special Abilities: Controls and grows plants and flowers

Affiliations: Rebellion, Princess Alliance 

Weaponry: Heart-Blossom Runestone

Queen Angella

Special Abilities: Beams of light, Light shields, Flight, Immortality 

Affiliations: Rebellion 

Weaponry: Moonstone Runestone


Special Abilities: Strength, hugs

Affiliations: Horde

Weaponry: Poisonous scorpion tail


Special abilities: Stories, sea chanties, setting boats on fire

Affiliations: Rebellion

Weaponry: Boats, Sword

Shadow Weaver

Other Names: Light Spinner

Special Abilities: Sorcery, Shadows

Affiliations: The Horde

Weaponry: Black Garnet Runestone

Originally a cast-out sorceress of Mysticor named Light Spinner, Shadow Weaver joined to the Horde in her quest for power and was embodied with the Black Garnet runestone.  As Hordak’s second-in-command, she raised and trained Horde Cadets Adora and Catra.  Shadow Weaver had an obsession with Adora, which led to her using her shadow-like powers and deceptive nature to try to bring Adora back to the Horde after she had defected. When Hordak took the Black Garnet back, Shadow Weaver became belligerent and her powers were destroyed. 


Special Abilties: Super-strength, healing powers, connection to the First Ones

Affiliations: Rebellion, Original Princess Alliance, Princess Alliance 

Weaponry: Sword of Protection, battle armor

She-Ra was the planet Etheria’s champion. She was appointed by the First Ones to unite and protect the planet. There have been many a She-Ra in the past, but the line was broken by a former She-Ra named Mara.  Adora became the first She-Ra in a thousand years. Adora’s mission as She-Ra was to fix the planet by uniting the Princesses in order to bring balance to Etheria once more. 


Special Abilities: Controls the air and wind

Affiliations: Rebellion 

2. Beasts, Creatures, and Monsters

Swift Wind

Other Names: Horsie 

Special Abilities: Flight, Speaking

Affiliations: Rebellion 

Weaponry: Battle armor

Originally a regular horse referred to as Horsie, Swift Wind was transformed when Adora accidentally shot a beam of light out of the Sword of Protection that hit him. After this, Horsie turned white, grew rainbow colored wings and a unicorn horn. Now infused with the honor of Grayskull, Swift Wind named himself, began to speak, and revealed that he had a special connection to Adora. He could sense where she was and if she was in danger. 

3. Factions, Organizations, Species, Races

The All Princess Ball

The All Princess Ball, also known as Princess Prom, was a meeting of all the Princesses of Etheria. There was dancing, food, and fancy dresses. The Ball went on for centuries, yet happened only once a decade and every Princess was invited. Each Princess was allowed to bring a plus one with them. Many rules were enforced such as expected curtsy depth, proper stair descending etiquette, and no weapons. 

4. Artifacts, Devices, & Weapons

Force Captain Badge

When a cadet was promoted to the rank of Force Captain within the Horde, they were given a badge to signify this status. 

Lunar Lenses

The Lunar Lenses were used in monthly eclipse ceremonies to renew Mysticor’s defenses and keep it shielded from the outside world. 


Runestones controlled the elements to keep the planet of Etheria in balance. 

Sea Gate

The Sea Gate was First One’s technology that protected Salineas from intruders. Horde attacks had weakened the gate until She-Ra was able to heal it with her Sword of Protection. 

Sword of Protection

The Sword of Protection was First One’s technology that was a portable runestone keyed exclusively to its administrator She-Ra. It transformed those who were destined to become She-Ra into the Princess of Power herself. It also had the ability to shape-shift into other objects, produce energy blasts, and to heal and restore balance. 

5. Spells & Magic

“For the Honor of Grayskull”
In order to turn into She-Ra, Adora held aloft the Sword of Protection and proclaimed this phrase. 

“Razzle dazzle”

Madam Razz activated magic berries during a fight with The Horde using this phrase. 

6. Locations

Bright Moon


Despondos was an empty dimension. A former She-Ra named Mara stranded the planet of Etheria there. 



The planet of Etheria was settled by the First Ones and their technology ran throughout the planet’s core.  Everything on Etheria was connected, runestones regulated the planet through the Princesses.  When in balance, the planet functioned as it should. The Horde landed on Etheria and was destroying the planet in their quest for power. The planet was stuck in the empty dimension of Despondos by a former She-Ra named Mara. 

Fright Zone

Kingdom of Snows

The Kingdom of Snows, the largest kingdom outside of Bright Moon, was ruled by Princess Frosta and housed the Fractal Flake runestone. Originally neutral in the fight against the Horde, the Kingdom joined the Rebellion after the Horde attacked Frosta’s palace during the All Princess Ball.  Their main ally were the Star Sisters. 


Mysticor was a floating kingdom that was protected by an invisibility spell. It housed all of Etheria’s sorcerers and contained tranquil gardens, beautiful beaches, and healing springs. 




Whispering Woods

7. Vehicles & Transportation

Dragon’s Daughter 3

The Dragon’s Daughter 3 was Seahawk’s ship. It was named number 3 as the first two Dragon’s Daughters were set on fire by Seahawk himself. 


The Skiff was a flying boat-like vehicle used by the Horde.