The Great MOTUC POP Debate

I was unable to participate in the latest Masters Cast episode, therefore I am writing an article to voice my opinions. Most collectors of the MOTU Classics line seem to think that POP is being adequately represented in the line. I disagree and here’s why:

Number of Episodes:
MOTU – 130
POP – 93
NA – 65
MYP – 39

Number of Figures:
MOTU – 17
POP – 3
NA – 1
MYP – 5

The number of episodes is a direct reflection of how well the series did at the time it aired. If it was popular and sold toys, more episodes were made. If it was unpopular and didn’t sell well, it was canceled. And, the fans of today who are buying these figures were fans back then. I doubt there is a significant amount of MOTUC collectors who started their relationship with He-Man from the Mike Young Productions cartoon. Thus, it is only logical to assume MOTUC figures made from the POP series would do extremely well going by the cartoon’s popularity (and the strong sales that the Princess of Power line delivered when it originally debuted). This has already been shown to be the case with figures such as Hordak, She-Ra and Adora, who sold out in a matter of minutes. Yes, I count Hordak as a She-Ra character for his main promotion was her cartoon series. So, why the under-representation for POP?

Some might argue that She-Ra sold to females back in the 80’s and there are few females collecting MOTUC today. That may be the case, but I don’t for one minute believe that the males collecting this line are hating on the female figures. They’re beautiful, busty, strong and the same scale as their male counterparts, unlike the pitiful (sorry!) 80’s figures. I haven’t seen ONE fan say “I’m not gonna buy She-Ra, she’s a GIRL!” We outgrew those mentalities when we hit puberty, so why is Mattel still treating us like children? Plus, even if that were the mindset of some less-enlightened fans, let’s not forget the gay fans who are happy to support the girls!

I realize Mattel is juggling a lot between the four series, male and female characters and good/bad guys. And, there’s the whole “who do they have the rights to make?” issue. But, POP is being seriously misrepresented in this line and if they make another no-name character or MADE UP character into a figure before introducing more already-well-known-and-loved POP characters as figures, I’m going to scream!