Yes, celebrate — Masters Cast is back from vacation! Wow, we have already hit 20 episodes. We want to again thank all of the fans who continue to download and support this podcast. We read every single email and listen to every single voice mail.

This episode of Masters Cast visits Wizard World Chicago 2006 and our portable microphone was ready to interview all of the fellow He-Man fans! Big shout outs to Jeremy, Paul, Gary, Divia, Topher, Brett, Chuck, and the one, the only… THE Adam Tyner. Listen to how much fun everyone had at the convention!

The Best of She-Ra DVD limited edition was being sold at Wizard World and we have a review of the set and a step by step analysis of the episodes from She-Ra that made it as the top 5 best episodes ever as voted on by the fans.

Direct Download: Episode 20 (mp3)

Running Time: 1:09:10

I hope you like the new website. We went for a new, clean look. If you want to subscribe to this free podcast, check out the new subscription block to the right. iTunes is the easiest and fastest way to obtain every single episode! Please continue to check back for more updates to the website that are coming soon.

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    Hi, guys,

    Love the show. It appears that I can only download the most recent episode but can I download past episodes.

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    Hey guys, just wanted to say i love the masters cast!!. I think it’s great that you are keeping motu and she-ra alive through the fan community like this. I’ve only just downloaded the newest one but consider me a dedicated listener from here on out!!!. long live the 80’s!!!

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