Travel back to 1987 and relive the live action “Masters Of The Universe” motion picture that starred Frank Langella and Dolph Lundgren. We will use the DVD and an early draft of the screenplay to delve into He-Man’s journey to the big screen.

Direct Download: Episode 003 (mp3)


  • 1987 Masters of the Universe Live Action Movie
  • Last episode roundup
  • Original Script: The Opening
  • Gwildor, Beastman, Karg
  • Marlena and Earth
  • Original Script: Snake Mountain
  • Let this be our final battle
  • Original Script: On the rooftops of Eternia
  • Bill Conti score
  • Listener Voice mails

Running time: 0:48:18

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  1. avatar

    my top ten contenders for the she-ra role

    (for an ideal she-ra live action movie)

    here are the contenders

    sellected by me

    1. ali larter (heroes)

    2. jessica alba (dark angel)

    3. bryce dallas howard (spederman 3)

    4. rhona mitra (doomsday)

    5. sarah michelle gellar (buffy the vapire slayer)

    6. jeniffer esposito (dracula 2000 and spin city)

    7. jeniffer o’del (the lost world)

    8. morena baccarin (serenity)

    9. billie piper (dr who)

    10. karen cliche (flash gordon 2008)

    compilled by

    frankie smales

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