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Topics of power: Off, yet on topic, with Indiana Jones and Star Trek Filmation characters we want to see He-Man.org Poll Matty Collector Subscriptions and what to improve in 2014 Excitement for the ongoing comic series Direct Download: Episode 52 Duration: 1:22:00

SDCC San Diego Comic Con 2009 Edition — A look at the exclusive Masters of the Universe art book, Princess Adora becomes the first She-Ra Princess of Power action figure to hit the Masters of the Universe Classics (MOTUC), and Unemployed Skeletor freezes He-Ro. Direct Download: Episode 35 (mp3) Duration: 1:11:48

SDCC 2008, MOTU 1987 Movie Soundtrack, Mattycollector.com, MOTUC, MOTU new movie news. Direct Download: Episode 32 (mp3) Duration: 1:01:53