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Masters Cast – Episode 23

She-Ra DVDThis episode focuses on the She-Ra Princess of Power: Season One Volume One DVD that hits stores Tuesday, November 7, 2006 and contains the first 32 episodes of She-Ra, brand new box art, two new art cards, the She-Ra series bible, a documentary feature, and two commentary tracks that feature the likes of Larry DiTillio and J. Michael Strazynski.

To join us on our review and analysis of the DVD itself and the episodes contained within is special guest co-host James “Busta Toons” Eatock who not only worked on the DVDs but is our own He-Man and She-Ra Google.

In celebration of the release of She-Ra, and our one year anniversary, Masters Cast is having a giveaway. Click the banner at the top of the page to enter to win a free copy of the She-Ra Season One Volume One DVD and a Masters Cast: Podcast of Power T-Shirt!

Please remember to purchase the She-Ra DVD on Tuesday, November 7th or order it online today!

Direct Download: Episode 23 (mp3)

Running Time: 1:18:53

Special Mini Cast #3 – One Year Anniversary Clip Show

1 YearMasters Cast, the first He-Man and She-Ra podcast, has turned 1 year old! To celebrate our anniversary, we have put together a short clip show that contains quick highlights from previous episodes and various voice mails that were sent in throughout the year.

Masters Cast was your premiere He-Man and She-Ra podcast that was live and on the scene this year at the re-release of the Secret of the Sword in theaters, the launch of She-Ra on DVD at the San Diego International Comic Con 2006, and partying with our fellow fans at Wizard World Chicago 2006.

We would like to extend a big thank you for everyone who participated in interviews including Erika Scheimer, Larry DiTillio, James Eatock, Adam Tyner, Val Staples, Eamon O’Donoghue, and the man himself: Lou Scheimer.

Also, a big thank you to all the fans that have sent in voice mails and participated in live interviews including (but not limited to!): Uncle Dorko, Jeremy, Rob, Leanne, Jessica, Jukka, Rod, Kristen, Topher, Gary, Divia, Brett, Daren, Dr. Tod, Jason, Christian, and more!

We thank you for your continued downloads and hope to hear more from you as we enter 2007!

Direct Download: Mini Cast #3 (mp3)

Running Time: 0:09:05

Masters Cast – Episode 22

para.pngHappy Anniversary to Masters Cast – the first He-Man and She-Ra Podcast! We have been “on the air” for one year! Josh, Katy, and I want to extend our thanks to everyone who has supported us.

Episode 22 goes back to our old-school roots by looking in to the parallels between He-Man and She-Ra. Both series have a similar foundation, yet seem to explore the same ideas in many different ways.

We also received a lot of voice mails! Listen today to see if your message made it on the show! Want to leave us a voice mail? Click on the Submit Your Voice link at the top of the page.

Direct Download: Episode 22 (mp3)

Running Time: 1:00:00

Masters Cast – Episode 21

He-Man DVDThat’s right, we’ve hit number twenty one! Please go out and celebrate He-Man style with some Kool Aid!

This episode focuses on the newly released He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Season Two Volume Two. All 130 episodes of Filmation’s classic He-Man animated series are now available on DVD.

We analyze the box art, art cards, episodes, and special features. We also answer the age old fan question: just how many times did Moss Man appear in the series?

New voice mail line: Want to leave us a voice mail and you can’t get Skype to work? Click on “Submit Your Voice” to obtain our new voicemail telephone line!

Direct Download: Episode 21 (mp3)

Running Time: 0:53:01

Masters Cast – Episode 20

Yes, celebrate — Masters Cast is back from vacation! Wow, we have already hit 20 episodes. We want to again thank all of the fans who continue to download and support this podcast. We read every single email and listen to every single voice mail.

This episode of Masters Cast visits Wizard World Chicago 2006 and our portable microphone was ready to interview all of the fellow He-Man fans! Big shout outs to Jeremy, Paul, Gary, Divia, Topher, Brett, Chuck, and the one, the only… THE Adam Tyner. Listen to how much fun everyone had at the convention!

The Best of She-Ra DVD limited edition was being sold at Wizard World and we have a review of the set and a step by step analysis of the episodes from She-Ra that made it as the top 5 best episodes ever as voted on by the fans.

Direct Download: Episode 20 (mp3)

Running Time: 1:09:10

I hope you like the new website. We went for a new, clean look. If you want to subscribe to this free podcast, check out the new subscription block to the right. iTunes is the easiest and fastest way to obtain every single episode! Please continue to check back for more updates to the website that are coming soon.

Masters Cast traveled to the International Comic Con 2006 in sunny San Diego last week. BCI Eclipse was there to promote the all new best of She-Ra DVD release and Masters Cast was right in the middle of the action.

Our special edition podcast this week contains a recap of all of the happenings of SDCC 2006. We were able to interview key players who actually worked on the cartoons of He-Man and She-Ra! Continue listening to find interviews with Larry DiTillio, Erika Scheimer, and the one-and-only, Lou Scheimer.

Direct download: Episode 19 (mp3)

Running time: 0:35:48

Bonus! You can also experience our interview with Lou and Erika Scheimer in video format! Check out the interview (QuickTime required, right click and save as).

You can also check out photos from SDCC 2006 on our Flickr Account.

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Masters Cast – Episode 18

Sadly, due to an extremely busy schedule I had last week, episode 18 was delayed. However, it is all now edited and ready to go. Be prepared as we delve into the 2002 Mike Young Productions cartoon for He-Man and the Masters of the Universe that had a brief, yet memorable 39 episode run on Cartoon Network.

Direct Download: Episode 018 (mp3)


  • Stactions are shipping
  • Mike Young Productions He-Man cartoon review

Running time: 1:17:06

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Masters Cast – Episode 17

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, season two volume one now in stores! Want to hear what we have to think about the DVD set and the first 33 episodes of season two? Of course you do. Episode 17 is on the air!

Direct Download: Episode 017 (mp3)


  • Sword of Power vs Sword of Protection
  • Voice mails and a song
  • DVD Review: He-Man Season Two Volume One

Running time: 1:05:00

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Masters Cast – Episode 16

Masters Cast can finally drive! We are up to episode 16 and we would like to again thank everyone out there who continues to support us!

Direct Download: Episode 016 (mp3)


  • She-Ra art cards
  • The Question!
  • Concert series part 1
  • What is up with Remington Steele and He-Man?

Running time: 0:34:58

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Masters Cast – Episode 15

Finally. Phew. All of the editing has been done. This podcast was actually recorded over several sessions since the news broke about the Secret of the Sword returning to theaters.

Direct Download: Episode 015 (mp3)


  • She-Ra best of DVD episode selections
  • Secret of the Sword vs The Sword of She-Ra
  • DVD Cover art
  • Trap Jaw NECA statue
  • Secret of the Sword returns to theaters
  • Live fan reactions at the theater

Running time: 0:41:18

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