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Masters Cast – Episode 34

Exploring the Masters of the Universe Classics MOTUC Mythos.

Direct Download: Episode 34 (mp3)

Duration: 1:11:08

Masters Cast – Episode 33

Masters of the Universe Classics He-Man, Beastman, and Skeletor. Plus, who is Demo-Man? (P.S. Chef Boyardee is dead! Did Demo-Man kill him?)

Direct Download: Episode 33 (mp3)

Duration: 0:57:40

Note: We apologize in advance. You’ll know.

SDCC 2008, MOTU 1987 Movie Soundtrack, Mattycollector.com, MOTUC, MOTU new movie news.

Direct Download: Episode 32 (mp3)

Duration: 1:01:53

Masters Cast – Episode 31

THEORY CAST… fan participation round table about the future of He-Man: King Grayskull, news from NYCC, and more!

Direct Download: Episode 31 (mp3)

Duration: 0:59:46

Masters Cast – Episode 30

Mike Young Productions 2002 animated series He-Man and the Masters of the Universe is now available on DVD. Volume 1 (of 3) is now available in stores. Join us for a DVD review and an experiment: our Masters Cast hosts and a few fans watch an episode together. It is a party!

Direct Download: Episode 30 (mp3)

Duration: 0:55:39

Masters Cast – Episode 29

Join us as we play catch up on Mike Young Productions He-Man DVDs being put out by BCI, a He-Man movie, and other general excitement!

Direct Download: Episode 29 (mp3)

Duration: 0:56:38

Masters Cast – Episode 28

She-Ra Season 2 DVD

She-Ra is now completely available on DVD!

Please join Jon, Martin, James, and special guest Alex Hawkey as we review the final She-Ra Princess of Power DVD release: Season Two! Not only is Alex one of the biggest and most knowledgable She-Ra fans around, he also had the opportunity to work on the She-Ra DVDs themselves. We had a little bit of an audio echo at times during the podcast, I do apologize.

Direct Download: Episode 28 (mp3)

Running Time: 1:17:39

Masters Cast – Episode 27


Masters Cast is the first He-Man and She-Ra podcast. We talk Masters of the Universe and Princess of Power until we drop dead from excitement!

Masters Cast is back with a special treat! From deep within our vaults we have retrieved a lost episode! Join Jon, Katy, and Martin as they discuss the New Adventures of He-Man toyline. Be careful though, Jon and Martin are ready to do battle with the electronic Skeletor skull staff!

Direct Download: Episode 27 (mp3)

Running Time: 0:53:48

Masters Cast – Episode 26

She-Ra and NA He-Man DVDsThe power of DVDs were with He-Man and She-Ra this day!

Please join Jon, Katy, James, and Martin as we review the two new DVD sets: She-Ra Princess of Power Season One, Volume Two and The New Adventures of He-Man Volume Two. This She-Ra set completes the entire first season of She-Ra, and this NA He-Man set completes the entire series run for the New Adventures. We will highlight episodes and review the bonus features and box art while having some fun along the way.

Make sure to enter our new giveaway which includes a free copy of She-Ra Season 1 Vol. 2, a Masters Cast wristband, and the first issue of cereal:geek magazine that has She-Ra on the cover. Head over to the giveaway page for all the details!

Direct Download: Episode 26 (mp3)

Running Time: 1:11:31

Masters Cast – Episode 25

Jack OleskerThe power of the Good and the way of the Magic returns! Masters Cast has scored an exclusive live interview with the New Adventures of He-Man’s co-creator and head writer Jack Olesker. Jack has been involved with so many shows in children’s entertainment including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the Popples, and Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers and he was nice enough to set some time aside for us to do a complete, no holds barred interview about the always controversial space adventures of the most powerful man in the universe. Joining us again to help out with the interview is special guest co-host Martin “Wacky Martin” Penny who is one of the world’s biggest New Adventures of He-Man fans.

Also, if you haven’t already, make sure to buy the New Adventures of He-Man Volume One DVD or order it online today!

Direct Download: Episode 25 (mp3)

Running Time: 1:09:04