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Masters Cast – Episode 43

We discuss the recent fan polls on He-Man.org. Plus, Jon and Katy break out the karaoke.

Direct Download: Episode 43 (mp3)

Duration: 0:55:10

Masters Cast – Episode 42

Jon attends the opening of the Lou Scheimer Gallery at the Toonseum in Pittsburgh, PA.

Direct Download: Episode 42 (mp3)

Duration: 0:45:31

Video of the ceremony:

Masters Cast – Episode 41

We chat about the first ever fan convention for He-Man, She-Ra, and ThunderCats: Power-Con / ThunderCon 2011!

Find out who He-Man story editor Dean Stefan revealed to be Teela’s real father…

Direct Download: Episode 41 (mp3)

Duration: 1:36:00

Masters Cast – Episode 40

Masters Cast - Episode 40

We talk all about He-Man and She-Ra at the San Diego Comic Con 2011.

Direct Download: Episode 40 (mp3)

Duration: 1:14:12

Masters Cast – Episode 39

Masters Cast - Episode 39

We rant, rave, and discuss the upcoming MOTUC release line, those bios, and what exactly is the right canon to follow.

We also talk to James Eatock who’s Unofficial Guide to He-Man and the Masters of the Universe is now available for your comic shop to order through Previews!

Special thanks to the Totally Rad Show for inspiring our funny little anniversary theme song. That’s right, we’ve been around five years! Thanks again for your continued support!

Direct Download: Episode 39 (mp3)

Duration: 1:38:17

Masters Cast - Episode 38
  • SDCC reveals in more depth
  • The Unofficial Guide to He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
  • The passing of the voice of Hordak
  • Filmation MOTU/POP head to iTunes
  • She-Ra 25th anniversary DVD’s/figures press release
  • Just released/upcoming figures
  • The POP / NA Ratio in MOTUC debate

Direct Download: Episode 38 (mp3)

Duration: 1:11:00

Masters Cast – Episode 37

Masters Cast - Episode 37

Our review of the Justin Marks penned He-Man movie script.

Direct Download: Episode 37 (mp3)

Duration: 1:58:56

Masters Cast – Episode 36

Masters Cast - Episode 36

Toy Fair 2010 – Keldor, She-Ra, Count Marzo, Tytus and more!

Direct Download: Episode 36 (mp3)

Duration: 1:15:58

SDCC San Diego Comic Con 2009 Edition — A look at the exclusive Masters of the Universe art book, Princess Adora becomes the first She-Ra Princess of Power action figure to hit the Masters of the Universe Classics (MOTUC), and Unemployed Skeletor freezes He-Ro.

Direct Download: Episode 35 (mp3)

Duration: 1:11:48

Masters Cast – Episode 35

Episode 35: Download (mp3)

Topic: San Diego Comic Con SDCC 2009

Duration: 1:11:48