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Topics of power: DreamWorks and Netflix’s new She-Ra trailer New York Comic Con 2018 Power-Con 2018 recap Direct Download: Episode 63 Duration: 1:16:38

Topics of power: DreamWorks and Netflix’s new She-Ra Super7 toys Power-Con Remembering Dean Stefan Direct Download: Episode 62 Duration: 1:10:12

Topics of power: Club Grayskull Power of Grayskull documentary with Randall Lobb and Robert McCallum Direct Download: Episode 61 Duration: 1:22:16

Topics of power: 10 Year Anniversary of Masters Cast Classics 2.0 Sub New MOTU statues Costume swords Polls Clips down memory lane Direct Download: Episode 60 Duration: 1:57:52

As a thank you to everyone who has ever listened to Masters Cast, on the eve of our 10 year anniversary, we have compiled some of our old voice mail messages in to mini cast #6. Thank you for your continued support! Direct Download: Mini Cast #6

Topics of power: Point Dreadful Teela He-Man & She-Ra Day at the Egyptian Theater Grayskull Con 2015 Fall of Grayskull and Trials of Dark Smoke premieres Filmation fan polls Interview with Daniel Benedict Direct Download: Episode 59 Duration: 1:38:43

Topics of power: Power-Con Exclusives King Hiss torso-gate Collector’s Choice Sub Filmation Sub MOTUC Collection Displays MOTUC Completionists Standor Soapbox Direct Download: Episode 58 Duration: 1:14:51

Topics of power: San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) 2015 Direct Download: Episode 57 Duration: 1:23:32

Topics of power: Castle Grayskull Princess of Power Add-on Sub Filmation Hordak Hopes for future MOTUC figures Direct Download: Episode 56 Duration: 1:06:45

Topics of power: Power-Con 2013 The Origin of Hordak Comic from DC Entertainment He-Man Issues 2-3 from DC Entertainment Special Thanks to Cam Clarke, Brian Dobson, Alan Oppenheimer, and Larry Kenney Direct Download: Episode 55 Duration: 1:43:48

Topics of power: Interview with a child actor who starred in He-Man toy commercials He-Man comic book series talk from DC Comics Direct Download: Episode 54 Duration: 1:27:20

Topics of power: Filmation Subscription He-Man & the Masters of the Universe Issue 6 NYTF Reveals Direct Download: Episode 53 Duration: 1:14:09

Topics of power: Off, yet on topic, with Indiana Jones and Star Trek Filmation characters we want to see Poll Matty Collector Subscriptions and what to improve in 2014 Excitement for the ongoing comic series Direct Download: Episode 52 Duration: 1:22:00

Download the Masters Cast Christmas song parody “Eternian Night / Deck the Hall of Wisdom” today to extend your holiday fun! Click here to download the mp3 of “Eternian Night / Deck the Hall of Wisdom” Silent night, Eternian night, Hordak leaves his zone of fright, Sneaks into the palace of Randor, Royal infant to […]

Topics of power: Special introduction by the voice of King Randor, Lou Scheimer A Masters Cast Christmas: Eternian Night / Deck the Hall of Wisdom He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Issue 4 He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Issue 5 Masters of the Universe Digital Comic 8: She-Ra Direct Download: Episode 51 Duration: […]

Topics of power: Special introduction by the voice of Skeletor, Brian Dobson Masters of the Universe Digital Comic 7: Trap Jaw He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Issue 3 Masters of the Universe Origins, Issue 1: Skeletor Direct Download: Episode 50 Duration: 0:57:44

Topics of power: Special introduction by the voice of Skeletor, Brian Dobson Masters of the Universe Digital Comic 6: Orko Power-Con 2012 Direct Download: Episode 49 Duration: 1:12:02

Topics of power: Masters of the Universe Digital Comic 5: Evil Lyn DC Comics He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Issue 2 Convention reminders Leanne Hannah joins the cast! Direct Download: Episode 48 Duration: 1:01:19

Special guest host Leanne Hannah joins us as we review and analyze the following topics of power: Masters of the Universe Classics 2013 subscriptions are a go DC Comics He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Issue 1 DC Digital Masters of the Universe Chapter 2: Man-At-Arms DC Digital Masters of the Universe Chapter 3: […]

Did you know that Jon and Katy sang a remake of the iconic He-Man & She-Ra: Secret of the Sword theme song “I Have The Power” with Josh on the ivories? Martin supervised. Fans are never afraid to embarrass themselves and embrace their fandom! You got to hear the remake at the end of one of […]

San Diego Comic Con 2012 wrap-up and special guest Daniel Benedict, creator of “Castle Grayskull Man”. Direct Download: Episode 46 Duration: 0:59:07

After a thrilling prolog to explain about absence, we delve in to the Masters of the Universe Classic figures that came out between March and June and the just released Masters of the Universe: DC Comics Digital First #1 “The Lost Knight”. Direct Download: Episode 45 Duration: 1:26:15

It’s all about Toy Fair 2012 and the captivating image of Sir Laser Lot. Ok, maybe we were more interested in Frosta and Spikor. Special guest fan co-host Justin “Count Marzo” Zmuda joins us while Katy is off on a cruise! Direct Download: Episode 44 Duration: 1:20:52

We discuss the recent fan polls on Plus, Jon and Katy break out the karaoke. Direct Download: Episode 43 (mp3) Duration: 0:55:10

Jon attends the opening of the Lou Scheimer Gallery at the Toonseum in Pittsburgh, PA. Direct Download: Episode 42 (mp3) Duration: 0:45:31 Video of the ceremony:

We chat about the first ever fan convention for He-Man, She-Ra, and ThunderCats: Power-Con / ThunderCon 2011! Find out who He-Man story editor Dean Stefan revealed to be Teela’s real father… Direct Download: Episode 41 (mp3) Duration: 1:36:00

We talk all about He-Man and She-Ra at the San Diego Comic Con 2011. Direct Download: Episode 40 (mp3) Duration: 1:14:12

We rant, rave, and discuss the upcoming MOTUC release line, those bios, and what exactly is the right canon to follow. We also talk to James Eatock who’s Unofficial Guide to He-Man and the Masters of the Universe is now available for your comic shop to order through Previews! Special thanks to the Totally Rad […]

Matty Collector – Masters of the Universe Classics October 15, 2010 Roboto Zodac (Re-Release) The He-Man releases always go on sale at noon eastern time. If you have a Club Eternia subscription, you will automatically receive Roboto as part of your subscription. MOTU Classics @

Hi everyone! You may notice that everything looks a bit different over here now. In anticipation of our five year anniversary, we have revamped our website. In addition to the podcast, we have decided to branch out slightly to include writings on He-Man and She-Ra. Fan opinion articles if you will. Make sure to check […]

The folks at Masters Cast would like to wish Chris Vint and his Masters of the Universe Chronicles podcast a very happy 1st birthday. Chris has always been a friend to Masters Cast and we’ve enjoyed such interviews he has conducted with the likes of Larry DiTillio and Robert Lamb. Keep up the good work!

SDCC reveals in more depth The Unofficial Guide to He-Man and the Masters of the Universe The passing of the voice of Hordak Filmation MOTU/POP head to iTunes She-Ra 25th anniversary DVD’s/figures press release Just released/upcoming figures The POP / NA Ratio in MOTUC debate Direct Download: Episode 38 (mp3) Duration: 1:11:00

Masters of the Universe fans were first introduced to George DiCenzo in the Filmation episodes “The Sleepers Awaken” and “Eye of the Beholder”. While he is uncredited for his work in these episodes, he provided the voices for Lord Tyrin and Garth before going on for what we most remember him by: his voice work […]

Our review of the Justin Marks penned He-Man movie script.

Toy Fair 2010 – Keldor, She-Ra, Count Marzo, Tytus and more!

SDCC San Diego Comic Con 2009 Edition — A look at the exclusive Masters of the Universe art book, Princess Adora becomes the first She-Ra Princess of Power action figure to hit the Masters of the Universe Classics (MOTUC), and Unemployed Skeletor freezes He-Ro. Direct Download: Episode 35 (mp3) Duration: 1:11:48

Episode 35: Download (mp3) Topic: San Diego Comic Con SDCC 2009 Duration: 1:11:48

Exploring the Masters of the Universe Classics MOTUC Mythos. Direct Download: Episode 34 (mp3) Duration: 1:11:08

Masters of the Universe Classics He-Man, Beastman, and Skeletor. Plus, who is Demo-Man? (P.S. Chef Boyardee is dead! Did Demo-Man kill him?) Direct Download: Episode 33 (mp3) Duration: 0:57:40 Note: We apologize in advance. You’ll know.

SDCC 2008, MOTU 1987 Movie Soundtrack,, MOTUC, MOTU new movie news. Direct Download: Episode 32 (mp3) Duration: 1:01:53

THEORY CAST… fan participation round table about the future of He-Man: King Grayskull, news from NYCC, and more! Direct Download: Episode 31 (mp3) Duration: 0:59:46

Mike Young Productions 2002 animated series He-Man and the Masters of the Universe is now available on DVD. Volume 1 (of 3) is now available in stores. Join us for a DVD review and an experiment: our Masters Cast hosts and a few fans watch an episode together. It is a party! Direct Download: Episode […]

Join us as we play catch up on Mike Young Productions He-Man DVDs being put out by BCI, a He-Man movie, and other general excitement! Direct Download: Episode 29 (mp3) Duration: 0:56:38

She-Ra is now completely available on DVD! Please join Jon, Martin, James, and special guest Alex Hawkey as we review the final She-Ra Princess of Power DVD release: Season Two! Not only is Alex one of the biggest and most knowledgable She-Ra fans around, he also had the opportunity to work on the She-Ra DVDs […]

THE LOST EPISODE #1 Masters Cast is the first He-Man and She-Ra podcast. We talk Masters of the Universe and Princess of Power until we drop dead from excitement! Masters Cast is back with a special treat! From deep within our vaults we have retrieved a lost episode! Join Jon, Katy, and Martin as they […]

The power of DVDs were with He-Man and She-Ra this day! Please join Jon, Katy, James, and Martin as we review the two new DVD sets: She-Ra Princess of Power Season One, Volume Two and The New Adventures of He-Man Volume Two. This She-Ra set completes the entire first season of She-Ra, and this NA […]

Masters Cast is giving away a prize pack that includes the She-Ra: Season 1, Volume 2 DVD, a Masters Cast wristband, and a copy of cereal:geek magazine that features She-Ra on the cover. Make sure to enter the giveaway today! And, keep checking back to the website as Episode #26 will be appearing shortly with […]

The power of the Good and the way of the Magic returns! Masters Cast has scored an exclusive live interview with the New Adventures of He-Man’s co-creator and head writer Jack Olesker. Jack has been involved with so many shows in children’s entertainment including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the Popples, and Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers […]

By the power of Eternia! This episode focuses on the New Adventures of He-Man Volume One DVD that hit stores Tuesday, December 26, 2006 and contains the first 33 episodes of the Jetlag produced He-Man spin-off from 1989. The set from BCI Eclipse features: brand new box art, two new art cards (one New Adventures […]

Due to technical difficulties the latest episode has been delayed. I am trying my best to have it up this week, so please check back daily. In the meantime, we would like to thank everyone who entered the contest to win a free copy of She-Ra Season 1 Volume 1 on DVD and a Masters […]